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We have many years’ experience of building properties with very high standards of insulation continuity and airtightness, including to Passivhaus standard.

Three of the homes built with our timber-panel frames have obtained Passivhaus certification, including the first certified Passivhaus in Cumbria. In all three builds, we’ve achieved levels of airtightness that are better than the minimum requirements for Passivhaus.

Passivhaus projects

Roof panel lifted into place at 15 Stoneworks Garth by Eden InsulationBrowse our previous Passivhaus projects for more details:

Two-storey Passivhaus with home office (Staffordshire) >>

Detached two-storey Passivhaus (Kendal, Cumbria) >>

Two-storey detached Passivhaus (Crosby Ravensworth, Cumbria) >>

The frames we’ve constructed on many of our other projects have been built to Passivhaus standard, although clients haven’t opted to go through the rigorous Passivhaus certification process.


The Passivhaus certificate for 15 Stoneworks Garth in Cumbria, built by Eden InsulationPassivhaus certification for one of our homes in Crosby Ravensworth, Cumbria

Airtightness test for a home built using our frame near Kendal, Cumbria:
Side 1 >>
Side 2 >>

Building work started on our passive house in Crosby Ravensworth in September 2014. We had met Trevor from Eden Insulation early in the planning stage and it was his enthusiasm that convinced us to go for a timber frame construction. The frame was delivered to the site in November and Trevor’s team assembled it in two days, apparently without a hitch. It was fantastic to watch. Trevor also took responsibility for airtightness, achieving a final result of 0.3 air changes per hour (ACH), well within passive house requirements. We were new to self-building and were pretty nervous. In the event, the project went better than we dared hope and was very enjoyable, due in no small part to the expertise and professionalism of Eden Insulation. Working with Trevor and his team was a great experience. We moved into our new home in May 2015 and were awarded our passive house certification in August.
Cheryl Hitchcock & Dudley Thompson, Passivhaus self-builders

Making your job easier

  • Track record of certified Passivhaus builds
  • Excellent working knowledge of the Passivhaus planning package
  • Experienced in fine tuning architectural plans to reduce cold bridges, ensure maximum continuity of insulation, achieve a high level of airtightness, and for structural simplification to reduce build costs
It’s been a huge breath of fresh air working with Trevor and his team at Eden Insulation.

I’ve worked with some other timber frame fabricators in the past and it’s been a struggle to get them to understand building to a Passivhaus standard.

Eden Insulation have proficiency in Passivhaus detailing – from continuity of insulation and reducing cold bridges, through to minimising the frame factor and delivering a high level of airtightness.

As a Passivhaus architect, working with Eden Insulation has reduced the stress on me because they are always ahead of the game, and it has reduced my workload, because I don’t have to essentially train another company to build a frame to Passivhaus standard.

Andrew Yeats, Eco Arc - Certified Passivhaus designer