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Two-storey detached low-energy home (Clifton Dykes, Penrith)

Pendale is an energy efficient two-storey home in the Clifton Dykes area of Penrith in Cumbria. Location: Clifton Dykes, Penrith, Cumbria Building type: Two-storey detached Build method: Crane erected modular timber frame Architect: Graham Norman Build Date: August 2016 Features Brick faced with natural slate roof [...]


Two-storey low-energy home (Barras, Cumbria)

This private home in a remote part of the Eden district in Cumbria is a detached house owned by a local building professional. This large family home with attached garage is built on a difficult site - very exposed and on a steep hillside along the Stainmore Pass, which cuts through the Pennines. Heavy snowfall during construction added [...]


Two-storey home with Passivhaus specification (Windermere, Cumbria)

This home in the Lakeland town of Windermere is being constructed to Passivhaus specification and features Victorian-style roof overhangs and a blend of render, stone facing and timber boarding. This interesting two-storey, three-bedroomed property gave us a few unusual challenges to overcome. Tucked away in a residential area in Windermere in Cumbria, access to [...]


Two-storey detached home (Leek, Staffordshire)

This interesting build featured a flat green roof and a parapet in its design, constructed for a self-builder. Our client for this build wanted a very high specification for his home in terms of its insulation levels and low energy requirements for heating. It was designed with a warm roof and an open-web [...]


Two-storey Passivhaus with home office (Oakdene Farm, Staffordshire)

This Passivhaus new-build in Staffordshire was constructed for architect David Woodfine, featuring living and office space. Oakdene Farm in Staffordshire was built to the rigorous Passivhaus standard. Designed by the owner, David Woodfine of TarpeyWoodfine Architects, we constructed the frame with Spano Durelis Vapour Block board on the inside of our timber panels, filled with cellulose insulation.  [...]


Detached two-storey Passivhaus (Kendal, Cumbria)

This Passivhaus in Kendal, Cumbria had the second best result for airtightness ever recorded in the UK at the time. Our clients for this new-build Passivhaus in the Kentrigg area of Kendal were self-builders committed to constructing a home with the lowest possible energy use. We constructed the frame using timber panels with Spano Durelis [...]


Detached two-storey house (Levens nr Kendal, Cumbria)

This property, Hundred Acre View in Levens near Kendal, featured a Caberdek cassette floor and a trussed (cold) roof, ideal for energy-efficient design. Our client for this build was a long-established local building company, D H  Willacy & Sons. They had experienced our energy-efficient method of construction in previous contracts and opted to [...]


Two-storey detached Passivhaus (Crosby Ravensworth, Cumbria)

This two-storey detached home was the first certified Passivhaus in Cumbria. Plot 16 was the third home we constructed at the Stoneworks Garth development for self-builders at Crosby Ravensworth in Cumbria. As with the earlier properties, this house was built on a plot sold by the Lyvennet Community Trust for self-builders. We were tasked [...]


Two-storey detached house (Crosby Ravensworth, Cumbria)

This home was one of three energy-efficient properties we constructed at the Stoneworks Garth housing development in the village of Crosby Ravensworth in Cumbria.  At plot 15 Stoneworks Garth, our clients were self-builders committed to constructing a home with very low energy use and high thermal performance.  Like the other two properties we constructed in this development, [...]


Detached 2-storey farmhouse (Beaumont Grange, Lancashire)

This detached, four-bedroomed farmhouse was a new-build project in Beaumont Grange, Lancashire. This spacious home was built using our timber-panel method, crane erected on site. The design featured a full 'warm roof' attic space at the second storey, maximising the habitable space. Location: Beaumont Grange, Lancashire Building type: Two-storey farmhouse Build method: Sealed timber [...]