Eden Insulation will use your architectural plans to give you an accurate quotationWe’ll be happy to give you a quotation for a timber frame for your building.

If you already have detailed architectural plans, we will use those to give you an accurate fixed-price quotation. If your plans are subsequently altered, we can advise on any change to your quotation.

As part of our service, we will review your plans and advise you on ways to reduce your frame costs and improve the design for energy-efficient performance. We can often suggest ways to simplify the design, for example, to reduce the number of joins in your frame, which cuts build costs and is better for airtightness. Sometimes we spot potential cold bridges that can be eliminated from the design, reducing your heating costs.

If you don’t yet have detailed plans, we can give you a general idea of costs based on the likely design (size, number of storeys, etc.) and we’ll be happy to advise your architect on the factors that will affect the frame cost and performance.

Frame costs

The cost of your frame will depend on a few main factors:

  • Size of your building
  • Complexity of building shape
  • Number of storeys
  • Materials used
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I’ve found Eden Insulation to be very fair and competitive on price. On a previous project, they were able to reduce spans on the building, making it cheaper and easier to build.
Andrew Yeats, EcoArc, certified Passivhaus designer