Cabercoorie Passivhaus home in walled garden (Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway)

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Cabercoorie Passivhaus home in walled garden (Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway)2019-03-06T10:16:22+00:00

Project Description

A single storey 313 m² Passivhaus home built within an historic estate house walled garden

  • Existing gardeners bothy walls with first panel being installed in Cabercoorie Moffat
  • Completed north wall into west gable in Cabercoorie, Moffat
  • Completed north wall in Cabercoorie, Moffat
  • Installed panels on flat roof in Cabercoorie, Moffat
  • Flat roof into clerestory walls showing rafter extensions from sloping roof in Cabercoorie, Moffat
  • Sloping roof and flat roof in Cabercoorie, Moffat
  • Existing stone walls with timber frame walls and sloping roof installed in Cabercoorie, Moffat
  • Completed timber frame looking from the south in Cabercoorie, Moffat
  • Internal view looking up to clerestory wall in Cabercoorie, Moffat
  • Internal view of lounge and hallway area in Cabercoorie, Moffat
  • Internal view of lounge and hallway area in Cabercoorie, Moffat
  • Internal view looking down into kitchen area in Cabercoorie, Moffat

We appointed Eden to build the main body of our house from a shortlist of 6 companies. On paper, they ticked all our boxes and we were further encouraged after a visit to their factory which was clean, tidy and thoughtful.

Our build design was unusual, we needed to marry Eden’s state of the art building to an old cottage; the weather was awful and put us behind schedule by months and the access to the site was restrictive,… through all this, Eden adapted to suit changing circumstances and timetables. When it was finally time to put the house up, Eden organised everything (and aspects we had not considered) from the crane to the team of skilled craftsmen, all equipment and materials. They have even left the building site spotless.

I have been present at every point of the build and it has been a joy to watch such an exacting team of professionals at work. Eden and its crew have been flexible, professional and friendly at every stage and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

It is a sad truth, but a company that takes pride in its work for no other reason than it is the right thing to do is a rare find. Eden is one of the few companies we have found this quality in. They have, in fact, surpassed our expectations.

I would invite any prospective client to visit us or ask us any questions about our experience with Eden.

April  2018

Sami and Arab Chaudhry, home owners

Eden Insulation Ltd were selected from a number of potential contractors to supply and erect the factory-made insulated panels. Their selection was based on their commitment to quality, the high quality of their timber kit and their experience in building their timber frames to the very high-quality standard required to meet the PassivHaus standard. Eden Insulation’s commitment to quality, as well as their technical competence has also been evident throughout this challenging project including in the design preparation stage, support for the client and in their conduct and efficiency on site, which has been exemplary. It has been a delight to work with Eden Insulation Ltd and would certainly wish to work with them in the future.

May 2018

David Major, White Hill Design Studio LLP - project Architect


  • Partially built into existing gardener’s bothy in a walled garden

  • Clerestory wall between flat roof and sloping roof allowing for high level south facing windows into bedroom areas

Tech spec

  • Passivhaus certified

  • Walls constructed using 300mm Masonite ibeam, internally clad with Propassiv air and vapour tight board. Externally clad with 60mm of Gutex Multitherm wood fibre insulating board. Walls filled with 300mm Isofloc cellulose insulation

  • Roof constructed using 450mm timber ibeams, internally clad with Propassiv air and vapour tight board and externally clad using 22mm Gutex Multiplex Top insulating wood fibre board. The roof is filled with 450mm Isofloc cellulose insulation