Two-storey detached home (Leek, Staffordshire)

//Two-storey detached home (Leek, Staffordshire)
Two-storey detached home (Leek, Staffordshire)2017-01-06T20:27:55+00:00

Project Description

This interesting build featured a flat green roof and a parapet in its design, constructed for a self-builder.

  • Groundworks for Eden Insulation airtight Passivhaus frame at Leek, Staffordshire
  • Passivhaus frame by Eden Insulation at Leek in Staffordshire
  • Interior of the Passivhaus frame by Eden Insulation in Leek in Staffordshire
  • Inside the Passivhaus frame by Eden Insulation at Leek Staffordshire

Our client for this build wanted a very high specification for his home in terms of its insulation levels and low energy requirements for heating.

It was designed with a warm roof and an open-web floor for the mechanical ventilation system and exterior timber cladding.

Access was tricky for this build, with the site tucked in behind another property and in a recess. We used a larger crane than usual to hoist the timber panels for the frame into place.


  • Green roof with parapet
  • Timber clad
  • High specification for insulation & airtightness

Tech spec

  • 300mm walls & roof
  • Open web floor for mechanical ventilation system