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Your timber frame is the core of your building and a considerable investment as part of your build. You want to know that it will perform well, and keep performing for many years into the future.

The quality of your timber frame from Eden Insulation is assured every step of the way:

  • the materials we use
  • the quality of our workmanship in the panels that make up your frame
  • the construction standards we adhere to when we erect your frame on site

High-performance materials

We only use industry-leading materials for airtightness and vapour control. And we don’t compromise.

The materials we’ve chosen don’t just work well in themselves. We’ve tried and tested them over time to make sure that together they’re the best possible system for ensuring the airtightness and moisture control in your building.

When you work with us, we’ll give you a detailed specification for the panels that will make up your frame, including the materials we’ll use. That way, you’ll know exactly which brands and products we’re using and can assure yourself independently of the quality of each component.

Learn more about the materials we use to fabricate the panels used in our timber frames

Rigorous airtightness testing

High levels of airtightness are at the heart of energy-efficient and Passivhaus building. The Passivhaus standard of 0.6 air changes per hour is much more stringent than the 10 air changes required by current Building Regulations. Independent tests by specialist Paul Jennings, formerly of Aldas and now with Encraft, have shown the high degree of airtightness of our frames. Our Passivhaus builds to date have comfortably achieved the Passivhaus standard for airtightness and our recent Passivhaus building achieved an airtightness reading that was the highest reading that specialist Paul Jennings had recorded in his 28 years’ experience.

See the testing in progress in the video clip on the right

Skill & attention

Airtightness doesn’t happen by accident. We achieve it through painstaking attention to detail – in how we produce our sealed panels and in the way we erect and seal them on site to construct your building’s frame.

We have a small team of qualified craftsmen with many years’ experience of constructing energy-efficient homes, and we do it because we believe that all buildings should be made this way.

Find out more about our team

Artisan approach

We value quality over quantity – the quality of our work and the quality of our relationship with our clients.

That’s why we work on just a few projects each year.

What drives us is the environmental benefits of our method of building, and our dedication to producing buildings that we can be proud to say we were part of, buildings that serve well the people who will live in them or use them.

We focus on projects where our clients share that ethos… whether you’re an organisation, a self-builder, an architect or a building contractor.

Testing our work

Eden Insulation is a member of the International Passive House AssociationSeveral of our buildings have been certified to Passivhaus standard, attesting to the high degree of airtightness and insulation you’ll achieve with our frames and the quality of our construction methods.

See airtightness testing in action at one of our recent builds in this short video:

Eden Insulation restored my faith in timber-frame construction. I knew their frame was in a completely different category as soon as I saw the panels arriving on the wagon. The materials they use are far superior and the panels were really well made. Putting it up went like a dream.
Sam Nelson, Building contractor

Speak to our clients

Eden Insulation advising on ground works for an energy efficient home

We’ll be happy to put you in touch with previous clients for an informal chat about their energy-efficient buildings and their experience of working with us. It may even be possible to arrange for you to visit.

Please contact us if this would be helpful for you.

Professional standards

We’re members of UK professional associations for energy-efficient building.

Eden Insulation is a member of the International Passive House AssociationEden Insulation is a member of the AECB
Eden Insulation is a member of the Passivhaus Trust
Eden Insulation have proficiency in Passivhaus detailing – from continuity of insulation and reducing cold bridges, through to minimising the frame factor and delivering a high level of airtightness. As a Passivhaus architect, working with Eden Insulation has reduced the stress on me because they are always ahead of the game.
Andrew Yeats, EcoArc, certified Passivhaus designer