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Deciding on a build method for your Passivhaus or other energy-efficient property is one of your most important considerations, whether you’re a self-builder embarking on your home for life, or an architect or contractor.

The Haybergill Centre in Cumbria has a timber frame by Eden Insulation at its coreThe build method we offer is to construct airtight and insulated frames from a series of sealed timber panels, made in our workshop in Cumbria. We erect the frame on your site to give you a weatherproof shell ready for exterior cladding, complete with a felted roof structure ready for tile battening or other finishes.

An airtight timber frame is just one of the ways to construct an energy-efficient building, but it’s a common approach because it has a lot of advantages – not least the speed of on-site construction.

It’s not the best option for every build, though, and we can help you establish whether it’s right for you.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the factors we take into consideration when advising you. These are just a guide, though, so please do contact us to discuss your project properly.

Andrew Yeats, a certified Passivhaus designer, explains the benefits of our insulated frames >>

Next steps

If you think you’d like to work with us, please get in touch for an initial chat. Once we have a better understanding of your project and your timeframes, we’ll be able to let you know whether we can help.

If we can, the next step is for us to give you a quotation for your frame, based on your architectural plans. Our pricing page has more details.


Using an airtight, pre-insulated timber frame offers lots of advantages over traditional block build. Flip to find out!
* Fast on-site construction

* No need to install insulation on site

* Internal battens fitted – ready for first fix & plasterboarding

* Roof felted & counter-battened – ready for roof cover

* Frame panels designed with minimal joins for best possible airtight seal


Timber-frame build

Eden-Insulation-roof-installation 200x100Find out how a timber frame fits into your overall build project, and how we’d work with you – from planning through to on-site construction and beyond.